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Palmer, Nettie and Len Fox
Australians in Spain : our pioneers against fascism
Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1948

Australians in Spain is written by Nettie Palmer and Len Fox with the assistance of Jim McNeill and Ron Hurd. It outlines the reasons Australians fought in the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigade. It discusses those who died: Jack Barry, Ted Dickenson, Ralph Baynham, Bill Young, Bill Morcom, Harry Hynes, Cormac MacCarthy, Jack Stevens, Aussie Stevens, Jack Newman, Kevin Rebecchi, Percival Butler, James Stewart, John Burgess. It discusses women who served: Mary Lowson, Una Wilson, May MacFarlane, Agnes Hodgson, Aileen Palmer, Margot Miller, Portia Holman, Esme Odgers. And also it discusses men who returned: Jack Franklyn, Dick Whateley, Jim McNeill, Ron Hurd, Ken McPhee, Sam Aarons, Joe Carter, Lou Elliott, Charlies Walters, Lloyd Edmonds, Jack Alexander, Ned Buckby, Charlie Riley, Charlie McIlroy, Ernie Barato, Orme Downing, Jack Kirkpatrick, William Belcher, Bert Robinson, Arthur Hayman, Tom Murphy, Lionel East, W.L. Cleaver, P.J. Lynch, Hermann Bottcher. Its final sections are Spaniards in Australia, Reporters in Spain, On the Home Front, and Unfinished Task.