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Battler 1976
International Socialists [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1976

Cover articles include: "6.4% not a cent less", "fight the cuts", "don't starve to save indexation", "three years on the dole", "stop the court ballots", "we give, they take", "medi-strike: make it national, call it now", "we can stop him with a general strike", 'migrants attacked: Menzies' mongrels on the march", "life under the Libs joblotto", "Fraser sinks shipyards", "Nov 11 1975: lest we forget", "Hamer declares war", "Don't let Fraser off the hook: no deal". Also contains (p. 52) Dave Nadel's guide to the real identities of the characters in Frank Hardy's Power Without Glory.