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Battler 1980
International Socialists [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1980

Cover articles include: "a thug at home, a thug abroad", "this is how to stop uranium", "get behind the ranger ban", "let em whinge about strikes: we say give the bosses hell", "Charles Court: racist ratbag", "abortion: no return to the backstreets", "we want the 35 hour week", "we've stopped him on abortion: now let's bury Joh!", "chicken Hawke does it again", "Libs frame abortion doctors", "Occupy Pagewood", "bosses thrive -- we want 35", "it's open season on jobs", "a war monger's budget", "Court must be stopped", "two cheers for Labor", "Fraser's got to go, Hayden won't defend us, raise the Red alternative", "Liberal snouts back in the trough", "keep the fight for 35 alive", "no future of school leavers".