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Modernist literary journal involving members of the Workers' Art Club, Melbourne University Labour Club and other radical intellectuals. Articles include: "an hour with Aldous Huxley" by Frederic Lefevre, "Gut reation No 1: A short story" by David Lockhart, "To (any) soul: a sonnet" by Edgar Holt, "the modern spirit from the composer's viewpoint" by Fritz Hart, "a glance at the Melbourne Art Gallery" by Lucien Bonnard, "quest of a hero" by G. Ribemont-Dessaignes, "two poems" by Bertram Higgins, "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by Sacha Youssevitch, "Negroid" by H. Alwyn Lee, "the future of the theatre" by Frank D. Clewlow, "cocaine" by Pandolph Golding, "Phoebus Apollo in a billycock" by Adrian Lawler, "Les rues me chantent" by Ernest Harden, "from the sound film to real music" by Arthur Honneger, "an American critic" by Nettie Palmer, "round the French book shops" by AR Chisholm, "vulgarity anatomised" by NE Seeligson.