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All the way with Clarrie O’Shea/ All Out!! Against Penal Clauses
Revolutionary Action Centre, Sydney, May 1969

Clarrie O’Shea, the Secretary of the Tramways Union, was gaoled in May 1969 for defying the Penal Powers of the Arbitration Act. The Arbitration Court had been empowered to penalise unions by imposing stiff fines whenever they exercised their ‘’right’’ to strike.
The YSL had changed its name from Eureka Youth League in late-1967. The RSA was an organization largely inspired by Denis Freney in Sydney. It did also have followers in Brisbane (for example, Brian Laver) and Melbourne (for example Alan Roberts). The Revolutionary Socialists at the Bakery initially had a loose connection with the Sydney-based RSA. - [Ken Mansell]