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The Ballarat Times.
Henry Seekamp (Editor and Sole Proprietor) [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Ballarat, 14 October, 1854, 16 pp

This issue contains articles on diggers' grievances which were later to become issues in the Eureka rebellion. Articles include: Editorial on the treatment of diggers by troopers and their commanders, particularly in relation to the arrest and physical abuse of an assistant to Rev. Smith for not having a licence whilst the priest was visiting a sick person on the diggings, "Murder" (of digger, James Scobie), "Original Correspondence" (Sabbath Alliance; letter from "A. Digger" on licenses with a comment from the editor, Henry Seekamp), "Advertisement" regarding the murder of James Scobie from several people - including Jurors - who were present at the inquest, "Public Meeting of Diggers" (Gravel Pits), "Sabbath Alliance" (public meeting), "Life" (Poem).