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Hill, E.F.
The H-Bomb Japanese Rearmament & You
Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, 1954?, 16 pp

Contents include: "Japan Armed With New Weapons", "Hydrogen Bomb", "U.S.-Japanese Pact", "Japan's Militarists Restored", "Japan's Fascists Regroup", "Japan Will Move South", "Mr. Menzies Responsibility", "The Past - Mr. Menzies and Japan", "1934 Scrap Iron", "1954 - Japanese Survey of Australia", "Another Brisbane Line", "Australians Passed Over", "Mr. Menzies' Reaction", "U.S.-Japanese Arms Pact", "'Unreal Nervousness', Says Mr Menzies", "Japan and the Hydrogen Bomb", "Is It To 'Contain Communism'", "Does the ANZUS Pact Protect Us", "The ANZUS Pact", "End This Policy - May 29 Elections", "The People Can Defeat These Plans", "Act Now", "A Simple Plan", "A Proper Peace Treaty With Japan", "Out Menzies".