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Graham, Irene
The Rabelais Case
Irene Graham. This copy courtesy of Irene Graham, 21 August, 1999, 15 pp

Contents include: "The Background", "The Burnt Article", "The Prosecution Process", "Federal Court Decision - June 1997", "The Appeal", "Full Federal Court Decision - March 1998", "Application to the High Court", "The Issues and Potential Effects on Free Speech", "What is a Crime?", "When Was 'Crime' Added To Censorship Laws?", "Discriminatory Laws: All Publishers Are Not Equal", "Federal Court Publishes Banned Shoplifting Article" "Censorship Laws Threaten Freedom To Access Case Law: OFLC", "Uncertain of its Censorship Powers", "Do All Other Countries Have Similar Restrictions on Freedom of Speech?" "Are The Severe Penalties the Students Faced Morally Justifiable?"