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Ross, Ben; Brown, Michael; Rogowsky, Melita; Srpcanska, Valentina
Description of Work
Selected articles
LaTrobe University Students' Representative Council, July, 29 pp

Selected articles from this issue of Rabelais which was banned by the Office of Film and Literature Classification in August, 1995. This selection does not contain an article on shoplifting, which was the cause of the ban. The remaining articles indicate the political orientation of the newspaper at the time. They are listed as follows:

"Editorial: Catholic Church Nazi Scum", "Mumia Abu-Jamal: a Racist Frame-up", "Assholes of Australia at La Trobe", "Dubious Union-busting", "State Government Workplace Agreement", "Nepal: the First Post-Cold War Commie Government", "Mumia Abu-Jamal - Live from Death Row", "What's the Fucking Point of Access?", "No Fees for Degrees", "Assholes of Australia Presents … An Evening with Graeme Campbell", "COINTELPRO", "Marijuana: the Assassin of Youth", "What is Colonialism; What is Imperialism?", "Undercover Cops at La Trobe", "Don't Start Allowance Application Form", "The Exploitation of Australian Outworkers", "Christopher", "South African Unions Join the Campaign to Save Jamal", "SRC President's Report", "SRC Education Researcher's Report", "SRC Women's Researcher's Report".