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Government document

New South Wales Legislative Assembly
Inquiry Under the Police Inquiry Act, 1918: Report of Mr Justice Street, the Commissioner Appointed by the Act
William Applegate Gullick, Government Printer, this scan courtesy State Library of Victoria and Simon Pickering, Sydney, 28 August, 65 pp

Report of the inquiry into the case of the 'IWW 12' who were convicted of conspiring to commit arson in Sydney and elsewhere; to procure the release of Tom Barker (an IWW member) from gaol by unlawful means; and to "stir up sedition in the community". The terms of the inquiry included "certain charges made against members of the police force", facts regarding the guilt of those convicted, and the prospects of obtaining any additional information - with respect to the case against the 12 men. At the time of the inquiry, the 12 men were serving terms of imprisonment varying from five to ten years.