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Beyond Nuclear Initiative
Beyond Nuclear Initiative - Anti-Uranium Symposium & Workshops
September 2006, 2 pp

This flier was produced in the format of a postcard. The flier serves two purposes, firstly to promote their campaign and secondly, on the reverse, as a prepared written letter to be filled in and sent to the addressed, by those wishing to support the campaign.

In this case, the flier was produced by the 'Beyond Nuclear Initiative', a collaboration between Friends of the Earth, Poola Foundation and the Australian Conservation Foundation. The flier is campaigning against the use of uranium mines in Australia, specifically that no new mines were to be promised in the 2007 election. The campaigning letter is addressed to Kim Beazley, who was leader of the Labor Party and the opposition in 2006. The 'Beyond Nuclear Initative's' aim is for the postcard to be completed and sent to Beazley by those wishing to place pressure on the opposition party to maintain their policy that no new uranium mines were to be erected, should they get into power at the next election.