Objectives of New Australia, December 1892


The New Australia co-operative Settlement Association does not antagonise any other efforts to improve the conditions of men, no matter what those conditions may be. Its members are loyal unionists, mostly advocates of political action, many interested in the minor co-operative concerns to be found everywhere. They only differ from others in their being willing to put their industrial ideas into full practical effect and in the way they propose going about it. They desire to form themselves into a vigorous industrial settlement, rooted in the cultivation of the land but aiming at self-sustentation on manufacturing lines as well and securing opportunity for self-development to every member and every new-born child. They intend to do this not only because they understand that it will benefit them, but because they realize that a successful settlement, such as they conceive, will tremendously advance the whole world. And they intend to do it under conditions which will ensure success, not under conditions which pander to prejudices or ambitions.

New Australia, vol. 1, no. 2, Wagga, New South Wales, 17 December, 1892. [Back Page] Reprinted in David Lovell, Marxism and Australian Socialism before the Bolshevik Revolution, p.295