Parliamentary Labour Party Platform, 1893


One-man-one-vote; special provision to be made for all whose occupations necessitate a constant change of residence; six months' residence in the colony to be the qualification for the franchise.

All parliamentary elections on the same day; that day to be a public holiday, and all public houses to be closed.

Abolition of the Nominee Chamber.


State Control of Water Conservation and Irrigation.

State-aided Village Settlement.

State Bank.


Elementary, compulsory; higher, optional; both absolutely free in State schools.


Statutory Eight Hour Day; where practicable.

Shops and Factories Act; with elected inspectors.

Mines Act; giving complete protection to miners.

Machinery Act; providing for inspection of land boilers and machinery; persons in charge to have certificates of competency.


State Department of Labour to which men can apply for work at a minimum wage as a right.

Wages Act; giving complete lien for wages over work performed, and full security for wages against all forfeiture, whether by agreement or court order.

A Progressive Tax upon Land Values; irrespective of improvements.

Realisation of an adequate return from the unalienated public estate.


Abolition of State-aided Immigration.

Abolition of all Conspiracy Laws relating to industrial disputes. Law Reform; all magistrates to be elected.


The submitting of measures for approval or rejection by the people.


Revision of Railway Tariff.

The legal cancelling of a member's right to represent a constituency on a twothirds majority adverse vote of his constituents.

Exclusion of Coloured, Asiatic, and Contract, or Indented Labour.

State Construction and Ownership of all Railways.

And any measure that will secure a fair and equitable return to Labour and promote the progress and prosperity of the colony.

As regards local questions, including that of separation in Central and Northern Queensland, local organisations are free to determine their own course of action.

On no account shall the fiscal question be regarded as a Labour Party question.

It will be a primary condition of Labour candidature that if returned to Parliament they pledge themselves to vote for the unconditional release of the Union Prisoners.


To secure sober men as Labour candidates for Parliament.

Fisher Papers, National Library, Canberra. Reprinted in David Lovell, Marxism and Australian Socialism before the Bolshevik Revolution, pp. 272-273.