Darwin U.W.M. Will Fight for Justice

Northern Territory U.W.M. Conference

Resolution on Aborigines


The Worker’s Weekly, Friday, November 6, 1931.

“That members of this Movement are of the opinion that slavery of the worst type is being perpetrated in the Northern Territory towards the aboriginal and half-caste race, and we shall do all in our power to force the Government to do away with their present slave conditions and grant them an immediate improvement in their conditions.

“With the object of bringing their complete emancipation from their present slavery, therefore, we demand that they be granted full rights to enter any Trade Union and to have full political rights. Furthermore, we condemn the present capitalist class and the various Governments, especially the Federal Labor Government, for allowing this slavery to continue without protest. We, furthermore, condemn the churches and mission and Trade Union for not taking up the struggle on behalf of the aborigines and half caste race to bring about their complete emancipation from the present system.