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Angry People
Description of Work
Issues 10-12
Angry People, 1995-1996, 58 pp

Issue 10

Articles include: "How the Rich Stole Footy", Cartoon "Concerend about the world?...", "The Government Always Gets in", "Biffo in the Forests", "No Platform - The Only Way", "If You Want Peace: Prepare for War", "Green Ban Parks", "Two Sides to Every Story", Cartoon ("Even when available saw-logs are cut out..."), "Crime and Community", "News in Brief", "Fruit Pickers Wanted!", Cartoon ("Pickin' all day..."), "Goals and Visions", "Homocult" (Graphic), "This is How They're Living". See also supplement to no. 10

Issue 11

Articles include: "Q. What's French for Fuckwit? A. Jacques Chirac", "Neither Nationalisation nor Privatisation", "Hot Stuff", "The Hemp Tourist and the Marshall Drug", "Don't Rob Your Own!", "News in Brief", Cartoon ("There we were, innocently smashing into this room..."), "All rich scumbags are legitimate targets" (Graphic), "Advance Australia Fair", "Fascism in the New Age", "Picked Off", "The Dead Men Walk Down City Streets" (Graphic).

Issue 12

"Power to the People", "A Nation at Work", "Fleeced! Ex-PM's Cost $1m a Year to Keep", "2000 Olympic Games", "1990 Tramways Dispute", "Eviction in the Top End" (Darwin Music Development Centre), Cartoon ("If you don't fix my roof soon..."), "A Look at Life", "Barred but not Beaten", "Justice for the Aborigines of Australia", "Getting Burnt and Fighting Back", "Notes on the Territory", Cartoon ("The general is very very pleased, Shane.."), "Are You Under the Influence?", "From Behind the Bars", "Eleven Men Dead in Queensland Mine", "Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Wobblies are Still Alive After 99 Years", "Caught Short? Rob the Rich" (Graphic), "Land and Freedom"(Review), "Nexus Update", "The Working Class Must Have Total Control..." (Graphic).