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The UTS Occupier: Journal of the UTS Easter Occupation
UTS Easter Occupation, Sydney, 23 April 1997, 36 pp

On 26 March, 2007, students began a three-day occupation of the administration block at the University of Technology, Sydney, before being evicted by over 100 riot police and police dogs. This newspaper is a rare document providing an excellent account of the action and its aftermath in a year during which there were 16 similar university occupations. Note that some of the articles incorrectly date the occupation from 26 April.

Contents include: "Editorial and demands of the UTS occupation", "Welcome to UTS", "The Politics of Occupying", "Chronological Account of the Occupation", "Tony Blake and Socrates - One of These Two is Not Like the Other", "What Constable Care Did in his Easter Holidays", "Legal Rights for Student Activists", "Why the Occupation Was a Success", "Don't Believe the Hype - Poster", "Why Believe the Hype - the Media and the UTS Occupation", "Marshalling as an Art Form", "UTS Management Propaganda…. And Some Snappy Replies", "Creative Political Action", "Organising Space", "Democracy and Political Action", "R Queer Perspective", "The Future of Crowd Control at UTS", "Personal Accounts", "Memorabilia", "Odds and Sods - Contact Details".