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Englart, E.C.
Wharfies Locked-out
Brisbane Branch, Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia [This copy courtesy John Englart], Brisbane, 25 September 1945, 1 pp

A roneoed leaflet on the Waterside Workers' Federation Dutch dispute in 1945. When the Japanese occupation of Indonesia came to and end in 1945, Dutch troops prepared for the resumption of colonial rule. The Waterside Workers Federation was to become part of a movement in Australia to support Indonesian independence. As Rupert Lockwood wrote in his book, 'Black Armada', the ensuing campaign involved declaring Dutch ships bound for Indonesia as 'black'- subject to union bans.

This leaflet anounces the lock-out of workers in Brisbane who refused to work six Dutch vessels and is attributed to E.C. Englart, Secretary of the Brisbane Branch Waterside Workers Federation.