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Conference Paper

Grancharoff, Jack
Marxism and Anarchism
National Anarchist Conference, LaTrobe University, Bundoora, 8-10 June, 1996.
LaTrobe University Anarchist Collective
Melbourne, 9 June, 1996, p. 3

Jack Grancharoff presented this (unpublished) paper at the National Anarchist Conference at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, on 9 June, 1996 as part of a panel discussion on Anarchism and Marxism. Jack discusses the relationship between these two political philosophies, drawing on a range of authors including Marx, Engels, Daniel Guerin, Rudolf Rocker and Bertrand Russelll. He makes the following argument:

"…perhaps there is a possibility to hyphenate Marxism with Anarchism but the former has to bury the core of its own ideology, the Hegelian dialectic baptized as historical materialism, it has to refute the State and the capturing of political power, as the means of workers' or, for that matter, any emancipation. It also has to strip socialism of its Marxist mystifications. Whether it can be done is a difficult question to answer even if there are attempts in this direction."

Cultural Forms