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O'Dowd, Bernard Patrick (1866 - 1953)

Activist and Poet


The Australian Dictionary of Biography writes of O'Dowd:
Over the years, O'Dowd's official career had remained intriguingly distinct from his poetic and political avocations. In his fiery private capacity he had joined the Theosophical Society, Dr Charles Strong's Australian Church and, later, Frederick Sinclaire's Free Religious Fellowship. Active as a lecturer in the Victorian Socialist League from about 1900, he was a foundation member of the Victorian Socialist Party in 1905. In 1907 he founded the Essendon Socialist Group and in 1912-13 assisted in editing the Socialist. One of his colleagues in the V.S.P. was John Curtin. In 1912 he denounced the White Australia policy as 'unbrotherly, undemocratic and unscientific'. In 1913 O'Dowd was president of the Victorian Rationalist Association. On the official side, he had been appointed, 'on loan', assistant librarian in the Supreme Court, Melbourne, in 1887. From the mid-1890s he had written and edited - sometimes ghosted - several law books. In 1913 he became first assistant parliamentary draughtsman.

O'Dowd was co-publisher of the first number of the Tocsin, 2 October 1897. He wrote a regular column, in that paper, as 'Gavah the Blacksmith'.

His books of poetry include Dawnward? (1903), The silent land (1906), The bush (1912) and Alma Venus! (1921).

A lecture calling for 'the poetry of purpose' was published as Poetry militant (1909).

See C. Wallace-Crabbe, 'O'Dowd, Bernard Patrick (1866 - 1953)', Australian Dictionary of Biography Online.



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