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  • The Realist Writers' Group and the Arts Council of Australia invite all teachers and students all lovers of Australian literature to leading Australian novelists Katharine Susannah Prichard and Flora Eldershaw, Melbourne. PDF Details

Journal Articles

  • Morrison, John, 'What shall we do about the Australian tradition', The Realist (Melbourne), no. 15, 1964, pp. 24-26. PDF Details

See also

  • 'Book review: 'Coast to coast'', Guardian, The Guardian, Melbourne, August 29 1947, p. 5. PDF Details
  • Prichard, Katharine Susannah, 'On purpose and propaganda', in Throssell, Ric (ed.), Straight left : articles and addresses on politics, literature and women’s affairs over almost 60 years, from 1910 to 1968, Wild & Woolley, Sydney, 1982, pp. 117-21. PDF Details
  • Prichard, Katharine Susannah, 'Anti-Capitalist core of Australian literature', Communist Review, August, 1943, pp. 106-7. Transcript HTML Transcript PDF Details
  • Prichard, Katharine Susannah, 'Some thoughts on Australian Literature', The Realist, no. 15, 1964, p. 11. PDF Details