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Korean War


Newspaper Articles

  • 'U.S. Launched Invasion of Korea; Press Blacks Out Truth, To Drag Us In', Guardian, 20 May 1949. Image PDF Details
  • 'Stop War against Korea End 'Blood Loan' Plot', Tribune, 12 August 1950. PDF Details


  • The truth about Korea, A. Robinson at Coronation Print, Brisbane, 4 July 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Australian Peace Council, The truth about Korea, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Campbell, E.W., Hands off Korea!, Authorised by A. Ogston, 93 Sussex St Sydney; Printed by D. Andrews, 288 King Street, Newtown., Sydney, 1950s, 8 pp. PDF Details
  • Victorian Peace Council, Germ War in Korea [extracts]. Image PDF Details