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Mundey, Jack

Trade Unionist


Jack Mundey (1932-2019) was principal leader of the green bans movement, 1971-75. Mundey joined the Communist Party of Australia in 1955, though critical of Communist governments. He was NSW Builders Labourers' Federation secretary 1968-1974, presiding over far-reaching democratization, including limited tenure of office for union officials such as himself. After 1974 Mundey continued to forge links between middle-class conservationists and working-class activists, the 'winning alliance' so effective in the green bans movement. He joined the Australian Greens in 2003. His dream, outlined in his Green Bans and Beyond (1981), was to achieve a socialist and sustainable society, 'with a human face, an ecological heart and an egalitarian body'.
Australian Society for the Study of Labour History Melbourne Branch.



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