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Angry People
Description of Work
no. 15
Angry People, 1998

Articles include: "Set the Wik Alight! Ignite True Reconciliation", "Lorenzo Kom'Boa Ervin and the Black Revolution: The East Coast Speaking Tour", "The Olympic Spirit", "It's Time for the Left to Get it Right", "It's Open Class Wharfare", "Food Definately [sic] not Scabs!", "Queen of Hearts Trumped", "Jabiluka: the Not so Mellow Yellow Cake", "Forget the Real Enemy: Let's Just Fight Each Other", "False Prophets: Aussie Government Expects True Profits from False Prophet!", "Free Speech Don't Come Cheap", "Murder in the First", "Stop All Deaths in Custody", "Before the Dawn: Book Review", "Angry People Reading Material".