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Unemployed Workers Movement

Political Group


Book Sections

  • Gibson, Ralph, 'My approach to Communism', in My years in the Communist Party, International Bookshop, Melbourne, 1966. Image PDF Details


  • Labor Militant, vol. 4, no. 5, Labor Militant [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Sydney, July 1984. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles

  • 'New South Wales State Conference of Unemployed Workers' Movement', Workers' Weekly (Sydney), 31 July 1931. Image PDF Details
  • 'Aborigines. Darwin U.W.M. Will Fight for Justice', Workers' Weekly, Communist Party of Australia, Sydney, 6 November 1931. Transcript HTML Transcript PDF Details
  • 'Bread, not jail, for unemployed youth', Young Worker (Sydney), 15 February 1933. Image PDF Details


  • Dissenterlink Update: Linking Social Security Recipients, Industrial Workers of the World, Melbourne, 199?. Image PDF Details
  • Communist Party of Australia. Central Committee., Australia's Part in the World Revolution: Theses of the Central Committee Plenum, Communist Party of Australia, June 28th and 29th, 1930., Communist Party of Australia, Sydney, 1930, 56 pp. PDF Details
  • South Coast Regional Employed and Unemployed Alliance, The Employed/Unemployed Alliance: Working Towards the Political Organisation of the Unemployed, South Coast Regional Employed/Unemployed Alliance, Wollongong, c1982, 2 pp. PDF Details