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Australian Women's Peace Army (1915 - 1919)

Feminist Organisation, Peace Organisation and Political Group


The Women's Peace Army was established on 15 July 1915 at the offices of the Women's Political Association, in an attempt to mobilise the women in Australia who opposed all war, regardless of political party membership. It was to be a fighting body to destroy militarism 'with the same spirit of self-sacrifice that soldiers showed on the battlefield'. 'We war against war' was the motto of the Women's Peace Army. Their flag took the feminist colours of purple, green and white. The most well-known members were Vida Goldstein, president, Cecilia John and Adela Pankhurst. See the Australian Women's Archive Project for more information.


Newspaper Articles

  • Goldstein, Vida, 'Manifesto. Australian Women's Peace Army. Conscription. Vote NO.', The woman voter, 5 October 1916. Image PDF Details
  • Goldstein, Vida, 'Open Letter of Members of the Commonwealth Parliament', The Woman Voter, 1916. Image PDF Details