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National Council of Women of Australia (1931 - )

Advocacy Group


The National Council of Women of Australia was founded in 1931, with Ivy Moss as President, to act is an umbrella organisation for the existing National Councils of Women in each state. The first of these, the National Council of Women of New South Wales, had been formed in 1896. Like all National Councils of Women, it functions as an advocacy group, attempting to influence local, state and federal governments as well as participating in international activities through its affiliation with the International Council of Women (established in 1888 at Seneca Falls in the United States of America) which has consultative status with the United Nations.

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  • Australian Women’s Conference, Australian woman’s charter, 1943, which comprises the resolutions adopted by the Australian Women’s Conference for victory in war and victory in peace, Australian Women’s Conference Committee, Sydney, 1943. Image PDF Details